Homes for Sale offers a unique selection of houses for sale in Alajuela . All the houses we offer in this section have photos,  a full description and details.

Alajuela is one of the most convenient and popular cities for real state in Costa Rica. has a wide range of options for sale. Our philosophy is to promote houses that we consider good investments. It is very important to take into consideration that the houses we sell are in optimum conditions with security, good location and a nice environment. has the advantage of being very careful about the homes that are listed. The team is trained to advise on the best decision to buy your house.

Alajuela is the second largest city in the country; located just 20 km northwest of San Jose the capital of Costa Rica in Central Valley. Is also home to the Juan Santamaria International Airport, serving San Jose, is only 2.5km southeast of Alajuela.

In you will find a large selection in this grand metropolis, which includes houses located in residential areas with security 24 hours and condominium houses. Most of these homes for sale are for residential use but we also offer some houses that can be used with a commercial purpose as for restaurant, school or offices for example. In addition we offer options in nearby communities such as Santa Ana, Belén, La Guácima, La Cañada and other important areas.

In Alajuela prices range from $100,000 to $2,000.000 or more.

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Property Code : 2-21-478-CAVE
Homes in Doña Elsie gatted community, located in Las Vueltas of La Guácima at only 3 minutes from Los Reyes commercial center (thats has an Automercado that is the best supermarket in Costa Rica) 4 minutes from the 27 freeway and 10 minutes from Escazú amenities (like Multiplaza commercial center)

Doña Elsie gatted communty its perfect for families because they are 3 bedrooms homes with ample garden.

Land area: 2,045.14 ft2 aprox. 190.00 m2
Construction area: 1,442.36 ft2 aprox. 134.00 m2

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Property Code : 2-23-404-CAVE
Homes in Malaga Gated Community, Ciruelas of Alajuela, Costa Rica, just 0.5 miles from the new San José-Caldera freeway, so its 20 minutes from San José downtown and 35 minutes from the central pacific beaches.

* Price of the property: $78,000.00

Homes from 700 square feet to 916 square feet or more (areas without the parking space)

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Property Code : 2-21-541-CAVE
Heredia Centro | CondoMío San Francisco, esquina sureste de Walmart de Heredia 200 metros oeste, 600 metros sur, 225 metros oeste y 150 metros sur.

CondoMío San Francisco es perfecto para familias ya que son casas de 3 dormitorios, 2.5 baños,parqueo techado para 2 vehículos y espacioso jardín.

Reserve con $1000.

Precios desde $161,800.

Todas las casas son de 137m2 + 9,5m2 y con lotes desde 166m2.

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Property Code : 1-22-305-CAVE
Nice Townhouses in Pozos de Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica.

* Price of the property: $215,000.00

Nice homes of two floors in Gated Community, brand new, very well located next to all the amenities, with american standards and fine finishings.

Land area: 1,614.59 ft2 aprox. 150.00 m2
Construction area: 1,829.86 ft2 aprox. 170.00 m2

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Property Code : 2-22-344-CAVE
Spectacular Toscana Style home in Veredas Del Arroyo Gated Community, La Guácima of Alajuela, Costa Rica.

* Price of the property: $330,000.00

Gorgeous house, at the real Toscan style in la Guacima de Alajuela very bright and fresh spaces inside.

Beautifull finishings and quality

Land area: 5,381.96 ft2 aprox. 500.00 m2
Construction area: 3,229.17 ft2 aprox. 300.00 m2

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Property Code : 2-22-292-CAVE
Nice home in Villas el Arroyo gated community in La Guácima of alajuela, Costa Rica.

* Price of the property: $495,000.00

Brand new home of one floor with different levels, located in Villas Del Arroyo in La Guácima of Alajuela, Costa Rica it have his own pool and a amazing garden.

Land area: 54,326.10 ft2 aprox. 5,047.06 m2
Construction area: 4,736.12 ft2 aprox. 440.00 m2

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Property Code : 2-22-570-CAVE
Precious colonial style home, almost new, located in Los Reyes the best golf community in Costa Rica central valley

* Price of the property: $498,000.00
* Rent Price: $3,400.00

Located in the second stage, next to a protected area with lots of trees and nature, perfect for wake-up with the singings of birds.

Land area: 9,902.80 ft2 aprox. 920.00 m2
Construction area: 3,713.55 ft2 aprox. 345.00 m2

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Property Code : 2-22-384-CAVE
Espectacular mediterranean Style home in Posada Del Rio Gated Community, La Guácima of Alajuela, Costa Rica.

* Price of the property: $550,000.00

Charming two floor mediterranean style home, it is located within Posada Del Río Gated Community in front of Los Reyes golf club, the house has an execellente view, the details are just too good for these price range.

Land area: 7,723.11 ft2 aprox. 717.50 m2
Construction area: 4,305.56 ft2 aprox. 400.00 m2

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Property Code : 2-22-585-CAVE
Beautiful House in Hacienda Los Reyes

* Price of the property: $599,000.00

Beautiful home located in Los Reyes, surrounded by trees and quiet environment where you can relax and enjoy beautiful summer evenings. Near the house there are soccer fields, basketball courts and an activity room, play grounds, and horse riding, a club with a large pool and small children’s pool and playroom, restaurant, gym and sauna. Security 24/7 with a main gate. A great and peaceful place to live where you can find activities for the whole family and have a relaxing lifestyle.

Land area: 12,712.18 ft2 aprox. 1,181.00 m2
Construction area: 5,651.05 ft2 aprox. 525.00 m2

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Property Code : 1-22-557-CAVE
Spectacular House at Piedades, Santa Ana. At just 5 minutes from road 27.

* Price of the property: $760,000.00

This house has three bedrooms.

The master room includes a spacious walking closet and bathroom. Beside this it has twomore bathrooms for the houseand one more for the swimming pool. It includes a large size kitchen, social area and another space that can be used as a gym or a guestroom. It also has an integrated living and dinning room.

Land area: 79,911.27 ft2 aprox. 7,424.00 m2
Construction area: 4,553.13 ft2 aprox. 423.00 m2

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Property Code : 2-22-11-CAVE
Beautiful mansion in Los Reyes, La Guacima, Alajuela

* Price of the property: $990,000.00

Beautiful mansion designed by the famous architect Ronald Zurcher, located in Ciudad Hacienda Los Reyes. The best golf community in the central valley of Costa Rica.

Has a swimming pool and great views towards the mountains.

Land area: 37,673.69 ft2 aprox. 3,500.00 m2
Construction area: 8,611.13 ft2 aprox. 800.00 m2

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Property Code : 2-22-12-CAVE
Fabulous Country Mansion in the Guacima, Alajuela, Costa Rica

* Price of the property: $1,250,000.00

Located in La Guacima, Alajuela, only 15 minutes from Costa Rica's Juan Santa María International Airport.

Land area: 124,017.25 ft2 aprox. 11,521.58 m2
Construction area: 8,611.13 ft2 aprox. 800.00 m2

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Property Code : 2-22-483-CAVE
Impresive mansion in La Guácima, in front of Los Reyes Golf club, at only 1km Automercado and 2km from the 27 highway.

* Price of the property: $1,250,000.00

Luxury and colonial style home, designated by Alvaro Pacheco that is one of the most recognice costa rican architects. It counst with pool and ample areas.

Land area: 87,187.67 ft2 aprox. 8,100.00 m2
Construction area: 7,319.46 ft2 aprox. 680.00 m2

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Property Code : 1-22-3-CAVE
Luxury Mansion in Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica

* Price of the property: $2,500,000.00

Beautiful country house for sale located in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. Large gardens and green areas.

Land area: 392,978.96 ft2 aprox. 36,508.94 m2
Construction area: 9,687.52 ft2 aprox. 900.00 m2

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Property Code : 2-22-80-CAVE
Amazing country mansion in la Guacima, Alajuela Costa Rica

* Price of the property: $5,000,000.00

Located in la Guacima, Alajuela Costa Rica, only 15 minutes from Costa Rica Juan Santa Maria International Airport, is in front of Los Reyes golf and polo club.

Land area: 807,293.28 ft2 aprox. 75,000.00 m2
Construction area: 12,916.69 ft2 aprox. 1,200.00 m2

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